What Does Tofu Taste Like? Will First-Timers Like It?

tofu taste

Tofu is a delicacy in the Asian culture. But right now, it is undeniable that this food has taken the global kitchens by storm. You can always see it being used in different menus. Even personal diet regimens have a special place to this wonderful ingredient.

But of course, there are still some people that have qualms regarding the appeal of tofu to their tastebuds. If you are among those individuals, then you might want to check out my description of the tofu in the following sections.

What Does Tofu Taste Like?

For me, there’s one answer to this question, and that is “neutral.”

Well, there’s an explanation to this.

You see, tofu is made from processing soymilk and curds from the soybeans. You can say that the nature of tofu is similar to cheese. However, instead of being a milk-based product, it is vegetable-based.

The curds created in the process somehow resembles cottage cheese. In fact, it is easy to confuse unprocessed tofu to cottage cheese. That’s my simple answer to some people who asked me the question “what does tofu look like.”

However, It is for that reason why tofu curds are pressed and refined so that it can become more aesthetically appealing.

Today, the tofus you see are all in a block shape.

Basically, what’s in tofu is just soymilk. And apparently, it is stripped by any taste. It is downright bland, to be honest. If you have a sensitive tongue, you might be able to identify the lingering taste of soybeans. But of course, only a few people can do that.

There’s no denying the fact that tofu is not that delectable. Some are even repulsed to it. Furthermore, tofus usually come in a pack filled with water so that they will remain hydrated.

But don’t fret yet. The magic of tofu does come in the fact that it is tasteless. You see, tofu shines when it absorbs whatever the flavor and taste of food that it is cooked together with it. Because it doesn’t have any taste, it doesn’t impact the overall taste of dishes. Moreover, it will not compromise the structure of the recipes that you are making.

How To Flavor Tofu?

How to make tofu taste like meat? How to make tofu taste like chicken?

All of these questions are already sprawling in the internet. It seems that there is a massive need for people who have shifted to the vegan or vegetarian lifestyle to replicate the mouth-watering flavors of the meat.

Fortunately, all of these things are quite doable. In fact, tofu is introduced in the market as a great replacement for various meat products. You can always convert this food into something that would quell your longing for chicken, beef, and even spam!

Of course, the way you can do it to cook tofu. But does tofu have to be cooked?

Honestly speaking, tofu can be eaten without being cooked. However, doing so would defeat the purpose of actually flavoring it. As I said, tofu is made to provide vegans and health-conscious a healthy alternative to meat. But if you really want to eat it as it is, then nobody can really stop you.

Raw Tofu

If the recipe you are making requires raw tofu, make sure that is keen to the tofu that you are going to use.

At this point, you need to realize that tofu that is shelf-stable is safer and better than those that are water-packed. After all, the latter is susceptible to the development of waterborne bacterias. Specifically, I do suggest that you choose silken tofu to make things easier on your part.

Steamed Tofu

Another good way to flavor tofu is by steaming it. Technically speaking, steaming is not a cooking method. It is a surefire approach that allows you to kill off any potential bacteria that could be housing in your tofu.

In here, you can include some meat and veggies. The tofu will be able to absorb their flavor while you are steaming them together.

To steam tofu, pour water to a pot until such time it reaches the bottom part of your steamer basket. After that, adjust the steamer into a medium heat setting. Cut the tofu into strips and put them in the basket.

You don’t need too much time in steaming tofu. For as quick as 10 to 15 minutes, the tofu is already good for consumption!


Saute is one of the answers on how to make tofu taste good. We all know already that sauteing is simply a fancy term for stir-frying. This is the best opportunity where you can add flavor to tofu. It is also the quickest method to cook the said ingredient.

To saute the tofu, you only need to chop into several cubes. It doesn’t matter if you are going to have the blocks small or large. After that, you place the tofu into a bowl. Once done, you can put your desired seasonings or sauces to the tofu.

Leave the bowl of tofu for at least thirty minutes. This longer the tofu sits with the marinade, the more it can absorb its flavor. But for quick cooking, thirty minutes is already enough.

Once done, you should heat two tablespoons of coconut oil and safflower oil. Specifically, it should be on a pan under a medium heat setting. Once the oil is already hot, you can pour the tofu and its marinade. Saute the entire mixture for up to ten minutes. Make sure that you stir the tofu as frequently as possible.


These are among the basic but essential information that you have to know about tofu. Overall, it is safe to establish the idea that tofu serves as the “meat” of various vegetarians, vegans, and other healthy diets. While it is true that it is not flavor, you are allowed to make it taste the way you want it. I have shown you some of the basic methods on how to do it here.

I hope that you have learned from this guide. If you have some questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below!

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